My name is Bryan, and I’m learning how to build software.

I started out like many software engineering graduates with Java and C++. I learned some C, and I was exposed to a little assembly language along with Arduino code.

I learned about algorithms and the pursuit of the Big O(n). I learned that creating performance-focused programs is hard, and many times, the best option will come from a library’s function or method. I learned a little python and decided I would never need to use csv or excel documents with any other language again!

I have tried my hand at front-end development, using REACT and Vue.js, and have just started a project in Angular with Ionic and Capacitor.

Now, with a very general understanding of many languages, my focus is to learn one language in detail for at least 2 years to improve my depth of knowledge. I may still have side projects that use multiple languages, since that is normal within projects, but the majority of my posts will be on learning a language.